Remote Service

Circor International April 22, 2022

This innovative solution empowers service engineers and technicians in all industries with the flexibility and creative approach they need to connect with, interact with, and support in-field services remotely. An immersive experience of augmented reality is one of the primary features of this next generation in-field service solution. Abiding by the “see what I see” principle, CIRCOR’s Remote Service can directly show which part of a product needs to be disassembled. Its near real-time reaction time enables a high level of interaction with the customer. This immersive experience is the next-best scenario to standing directly next to a customer, allowing service engineers and technicians to overcome travel restrictions and limitations. Moreover, costly VR glasses are not required, as the solution can operate on a mobile device or computer.CIRCOR’s Remote Service is defined by ease of business and user flexibility, which is demonstrated throughout all its features. The solution provides support via video-call, and also offers a chat box for assistance over text. Troubleshooting can also be stored as a working file, and the solution’s history database improves knowledge, solution finding, and efficiency. CIRCOR’s Remote Service also works with low bandwidth, allowing for the solution to function with a range of different connectivity levels.

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