Schmalz End-of-Arm Tooling Components

AutomationDirect January 25, 2023

AutomationDirect now offers end-of-arm tooling components for robot arm vacuum pick-and-place applications. Components can be purchased individually or in kits that include everything needed to create a single-beam or dual-beam end-of-arm tool.

Kits are simple, save time and money, and include structural rails (which support optional internal vacuum), connectors, cup mounts, vacuum tubing, vacuum cups, fittings, a basic ejector, a flange for Universal robot, and a blank robot flange.

Simply cut the structural rails to the desired lengths, determine the location of the suction cups, assemble the unit, and add the robot interface flange for your brand of robot or drill your own using the included blank robot flange.

Schmalz end-of-arm tooling components start at $8.00, and kits start at $995.00. All Schmalz end-of-arm tooling components and kits come with a one-year warranty. 

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