SD31045 stepper motor driver

July 26, 2023

The SD31045 4.5 Amp stepper motor driver is the latest addition to AMCI’s family of stepper motor drivers. Identified through a compact design small footprint, this powerful stepper motor driver is a leader in the 4.5 Amp current range. Incorporating a 310 Vdc motor supply bus, the SD31045 provides stepper motors with plenty of power. Readily accessible DIP switches are an integrated feature that enable easy motor current and microstepping selection.

Additionally, the SD31045 stepper drive incorporates hardware protection; specifically an interlock connection to prevent injury if the motor connector is removed while the driver is powered. Additional protections include short circuit protection, phase to phase and phase to ground, and overtemperature circuitry.

The SD31045 4.5Arms stepper motor driver will interface with AMCI’s complete line of high torque stepper motors, which range in frame size from NEMA 23 to NEMA 34. These motors have been tested and selected to perfectly match the electrical requirements of the SD31045.

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