Seventh axis for universal cobo robots

TPA Robot September 7, 2023

The rack and pinion module is a linear motion device composed of linear guide rails, racks and aluminum extruded profiles connected to the motor, reducer and gears.

The HNT series rack and pinion driven linear axis from TPA ROBOT are made of hard extruded aluminum profiles and equipped with multiple sliders. Even under high load conditions, it can still maintain high drive stiffness and motion speed.

In order to cope with a variety of use environments, you can choose to be equipped with a dust-proof organ cover, which is not only cheap, but also can effectively block dust from entering or escaping the module.

Since HNT can withstand higher loads and has unrestricted stroke while having high accuracy of ±0.04mm, it is very suitable for use in automated workshops as the 7th axis.

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