Smart Substation Control and Protection SSC600 SW

January 20, 2023

ABB is launching the first virtualized protection and control solution with Smart Substation Control and Protection SSC600 SW. The virtualized product enables customers to use the hardware of their choice and gain access to the same proven protection and control functionality as with ABB’s turnkey solution.

SSC600 SW is the virtualized version of the Smart Substation Control and Protection SS600 device. In 2018, ABB introduced this revolutionary approach to protection and control (P&C) in distribution networks, where all the P&C functionality is centralized into one single device. One SSC600 device can handle the tasks of 30 protection relays. Centralizing this functionality in the substation reduces network complexity and supports optimal, lifelong asset management and up to 15% savings in substation life cycle costs.

Why virtualization?

There are many reasons why virtualization is increasingly becoming standard practice for IT architecture for businesses around the world. With virtualization, one server can become many virtual machines and replace the traditional ‘one computer, one application model. As users can merge more functionalities onto fewer physical devices, they are able to reduce the amount of space and administration needed. In other words, virtualization allows operators to get the most out of their hardware, while also cutting costs and achieving greater efficiency.

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