STs Series 4-20 mA Conductivity Sensor

August 29, 2018

The pHionics STs Series Conductivity is a water quality sensor (sonde) designed to pair with a datalogger or RTU for real-time data capture. A narrow diameter allows the STs Series to go places others can’t while the chemical-resistant housing ensures the sensor can stay there for many years. Proprietary electrode technology provides stable measurements to reduce calibration frequency. All parts, including the cable, are easily replaceable without tools using pHionics patented pHiConn™ System, saving frustration and money. In addition, isolation, differential amplification, and shielding ensure a strong signal with high signal-noise ratios, all while remaining low-power. These features make our conductivity sensor well-suited for applications such as groundwater monitoring, wastewater treatment, aquaculture, pollution monitoring, etc.

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