TANK-XM811 embedded PC

December 14, 2022

Modular, expandable and high performance. Three characteristics combined in the new TANK-XM811 from ICP Germany. Both the housing and the mainboard structure of the TANK-XM811 have been designed modularly. Processor, main memory and SSD can be installed in the simplest way due to the housing design divided into three levels. Besides, this design facilitates the recycling of the system at the end of life. Additional expansion boxes can be used to add PCI Express slots to the chassis to make room for graphics cards or other add-on cards. Furthermore, additional features such as PoE or M.2 slots can be added to the system via expansion modules. The black aluminum alloy chassis brings a weight reduction as well as an improvement in cooling characteristics. The TANK-XM supports the 12th generation Intel Core-I CPU technology. Two pre-assembled variants with Intel Core i5-12500TE with max. 4.3GHz or with Intel Core i7-12700TE with max. 4.6GHz clock speed offer sensational performance at low power consumption. Two DDR4 SODIMM slots can be equipped with a maximum of 64GB RAM. By default, the TANK-XM is shipped with 8GB of RAM. Both a DP++ and an HDMI port are available for connecting monitors. To expand the flexible TANK-XM811, the user has access to two 2.5GbE, eight USB 3.2 Gen2, four RS-232 and two RS-232/422/485 interfaces and twelve digital inputs/outputs.

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