The electrification of applications with linear actuators

Thomson February 20, 2024

Thomson Industries, Inc, a leading manufacturer of linear motion control solutions, has released a video: ‘Clean and Simple: The Electrification of Applications with Linear Actuators,’ which highlights the growing trend towards electric actuators and the advantages they bring over traditional technologies such as hydraulic, pneumatic and even manual actuation.

For decades, hydraulic and pneumatic systems have been the preferred choice for heavy duty applications. However, these systems pose challenges, including complexity, noise, high energy consumption, safety concerns and adverse environmental impact. Electric actuators are now changing the game. This video explores the shift toward electric actuators, highlighting their increased load handling capabilities that put them on par with hydraulic systems, as well as advanced controls and diagnostics that enable seamless communication with other machines in the network. The video also touches on numerous advantages of electric over traditional systems, including compact design, simplified wiring, and being entirely fluid-free, ensuring zero leaks, and minimal energy consumption and maintenance.

“Electrification isn’t just a technological leap; it’s a profound transformation in how we approach motion control. It’s about harnessing efficiency, ensuring reliability, and securing a sustainable future,” said Travis Gilmer, Product Line Manager – Linear Actuators at Thomson.

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