TPA Robot 3 axis Cartesian Robot Arm Components

TPA Robot August 23, 2023

Ordinary gantry robots have three axes of XYZ, and can also improve work efficiency by adding linear modules according to different applications. Gantry robots can only move along linear axes so they are very easy to program using a PLC and are ideal for repetitive pick and place, push and other actions.

The main advantage of Cartesian robots is that they can provide high payloads as well as a high level of positioning accuracy throughout the work area. Because of this, the modular structure makes mass production and assembly of large machines possible. In addition, Cartesian robots also have unparalleled precision positioning control, and play an irreplaceable role in photovoltaic panel handling, wafer handling and visual measurement.

Which linear actuator should be used as the arm of a Cartesian robot?

Linear modules are usually divided into 4 types according to the driven model: ball screw driven, belt driven, linear motor, rack and pinion driven. These 4 linear actuators also have different advantages and disadvantages. In practical applications, they are often combined into various Cartesian robots to complete different tasks.

Due to its high-precision positioning advantages, the ball screw linear actuator (HCR series ball screw actuator) is usually used to combine into a desktop robot for dispensing glue, and a three-coordinate measuring instrument for positioning, while a higher-precision steel-based ball screw robot.

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