WAFER-EHL Embedded Boards

September 29, 2022

With the WAFER-EHL ICP-Germany expands its portfolio in the area of embedded boards.

The WAFER-EHL is a 3.5″ mainboard which has a cooling shell. This allows a very simple installation of the board as well as an uncomplicated heat dissipation of the installed components, which is an advantage for machine builders or mechanical engineers. The WAFER-EHL 3.5″ embedded board is equipped with an Elkhart Lake Celeron® J6412 processor, which has four processor cores. The Elkhart Lake generation is designed for IoT edge devices and brings features in IoT, real-time performance and functional security, among others. In addition, performance has been increased by up to 1.7X in single-thread performance and up to 1.5X in multi-thread performance compared to the previous generation. Thanks to Intel® Gaussian & Neural Accelerator (GNA), audio-based neural networks can be executed at low power consumption, reducing CPU workload. The burst frequency of the Celeron® CPU is 2.60GHz. An 8GB DDR4 RAM module with 3200 MHz is permanently installed on the WAFER-EHL 3.5″ board as standard. For graphics output, the board is equipped with a display port with maximum resolution of 4096×2160 pixels and an HDMI port. An eDP, LVDS or VGA module can be added via the IEI IDPM 3040 slot. Particularly noteworthy is the PCIe x4 slot, which is a real special feature on the 3.5″ board and makes expansion with riser cards possible. As network ICs, two Intel i225V were used, which allow a speed of up to 2.5GbE e

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