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Digitalization benefits for the machine tool industry

Machine tool users and manufacturers can benefit from digitalization. Ramona Schindler and Chris... » more

Bluetooth sensor beacon

Fujitsu Components’ FWM8BLZ02A-109069 beacon offering features a Bluetooth 4.1 sensor beacon...

Cellular gateway for existing sensors

BluCloud’s Cellular Gateway X acts as a peripheral to existing sensors and actively streams data to...

Maintenance distributor adds electrical specialties group

Motion Industries announced EIS has become the Electrical Specialties Group of Motion Industries,... » more

Neural network chip reduces power consumption

MIT researchers have developed a chip designed to reduce neural networks’ power consumption by up... » more

2018 ERP, IIoT and the Cloud Study

The IIoT for Engineers 2018 Enterprise Resources Planning, IIoT and the Cloud Study unveiled... » more

Smart manufacturing benefits for system integrators

Transitioning from technology integration to value integration gives system integrators a chance to... » more

Company upgrades DCS platform to improve bottom line

Schneider Electric helped Dow Corning upgrade its distributed control systems (DCSs) to help Dow... » more

The value of power systems engineers to facility managers

Power systems engineers (PSEs) offer valuable insights by identifying faults and optimizing... » more

Defining the value of edge computing

Explore the three important factors of deploying an edge computing solution.  » more

Reduce energy consumption with fault detection and diagnostics

Fault detection and diagnostics (FDD), which uses the existing information available about the... » more

The importance of smart manufacturing standards

National initiatives and industry consortia are monitored and enhanced so companies can leverage... » more

Key drivers and benefits of edge computing for smart manufacturing

Edge computing means faster response times, increased reliability and security. Five edge computing... » more

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