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Virtual Training Week Day five


Learn how Edge, Fog and Cloud, motor and drives fundamentals, and control systems all play a part in Innovative Automation.

All courses are AIA and/or RCEP-approved.

Fundamentals of Three-Phase Induction Motors, Variable Frequency Drives

This session is designed for technicians and engineers who want to understand the fundamental design, construction and operation of three phase induction motors and variable frequency drives (VFDs).

Andrew Barco

Daniel Schubert, ME University of Missouri – Science & Technology

Product Training Engineer – Drives


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Edge, fog, cloud: Issues and overview

Attend this session to explore and learn what the current issues are given the increasing use of IIoT technologies for remote operations and analytics.

Ed Kuzemchak

CTO and Director of IoT and Embedded Systems Engineering
Software Design Solutions

Arlen Nipper

President and CTO
Cirrus Link


Back to basics: Control systems, drives and motors

Control systems known as building automation systems or facility management control systems take several forms including binary, BACnet, Modbus or ASHRAE 135-2001. This presentation will discuss control diagrams, coordination with trades and power outage concerns. Applications of dampers, valves, contactors and sensors will be discussed.

R. Vevdik

Richard A. Vedvik, PE

Senior Electrical Engineer/Acoustics Engineer/Senior Associate
IMEG Corp.