2016 Industrial Internet of Things, Industrie 4.0 Study

Budget, awareness, use, benefits findings from the 2016 Industrial Internet of Things and Industrie 4.0 Study; download full report.
By Amanda Pelliccione November 1, 2016

Four in 10 respondents are very or extremely concerned that their company will lose market share or other competitive advantages over the next 3 years because other companies will move quickly to adopt IIoT, Industrie 4.0, and/or digital manufacturing technologies and efficiencies. Courtesy: Control EngineeringRespondents to the 2016 Industrial Internet of Things & Industrie 4.0 study identified five key findings regarding their familiarity and implementation of the IIoT framework and Industrie 4.0 platform:

  1. Awareness: Familiarity with the IIoT framework and the Industrie 4.0 platform has significantly increased since 2015; 79% of respondents are very/somewhat familiar with IIoT, compared to 60% last year, and 53% are very/somewhat familiar with Industrie 4.0, compared to 33% previously.
  2. Existing initiatives: Four in 10 respondents have found IIoT and/or Industrie 4.0 to be helpful with existing initiatives at their facilities; 11% report no effect; 4% harmful.
  3. Budget: The majority of respondents and/or their clients are investing more in advanced technologies to support IIoT, Industrie 4.0, and/or digital manufacturing initiatives. In fact, an average of $213,672 is the estimated annual budget for this investment at respondents’ companies.
  4. Attributes: The most useful attributes of the IIoT framework, according to 80% of respondents, are the security features and interoperability/open standards connecting people, processes, and data. Interoperability is also a key advantage of the Industrie 4.0 platform, as well as the real-time capabilities and modularity.
  5. Expected benefits: Four in 10 respondents expect IIoT and Industrie 4.0 to improve connections between people, data, and machines; increase information flow and innovation; and improve data analysis, decisions, and data gathering capabilities.

Access the full 2016 Industrial Internet of Things and Industrie 4.0 report for additional findings.