AI in Industrial Automation: Research respondent interview, part one

Recently, CFE Media and Technology collected research on AI in industrial automation and discussed some of the answers with respondents.

By Control Engineering February 1, 2024
Courtesy: CFE Media

Artificial intelligence (AI) is revolutionizing industrial automation by introducing smart, adaptive technologies that enhance efficiency, productivity, and safety in manufacturing processes. By leveraging the capabilities of machine learning, robotics and big data analytics, AI systems are able to perform complex tasks with precision and autonomy that was previously unattainable. These intelligent systems can analyze vast streams of real-time data to optimize production workflows, predict maintenance needs and adapt to new tasks without human intervention.

The integration of AI into industrial automation also enables the creation of self-optimizing production lines that can learn from their environment and continually improve over time. This technological evolution is not only transforming the way products are made but also reshaping the future of human-machine collaboration within the industrial sector.

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Recently, CFE Media and Technology collected research on AI in industrial automation. Tyler Wall, editor at CFE Media, sat down with some of the respondents to discuss some of their answers and take a dive into why they answered that way. To listen to the research and an expert analysis of what it means, be sure to tune into the Bridging the Gap series.