Chemical regulations increase interest in product stewardship

Actio releases Material Disclosure software to help chemical manufacturers comply with tightening EPA requirements.
By David Greenfield February 10, 2010

Actio Corporation, a provider ofsoftware for supply chain materials information management and productenvironmental regulatory compliance, has released the latest version of itsMaterial Disclosure software tool.

"New governmental initiatives inthe U.S.such as EPA, TSCA, and California Green Chemistry initiatives push product stewardshipto a new level," said Russell McCann, president and CEO of Actio.

New features of Material Disclosure include:

  • automation and tracking of component, parts, substance andchemical inventory;
  • supply chain visibility into who accessed what informationand when;
  • supplier alerts signal when a supplier has added, changed,or reviewed any data;
  • visual representation of bill-of-materials forevaluating component replacement scenarios;
  • compare data against up-to-date customizable or standardenvironmental regulatory lists;
  • threshold alerts and notification signals when inventory isnear or exceeding a limit;
  • multi-axis location hierarchies enable the roll-up ofsubstance information by legal entity, geographic location, and business unit;
  • secure SaaS (software as a service) platform with multiplelevels of access permissions; and
  • product and supplier information can imported from ERPsystems and portals such as Microsoft Sharepoint, spreadsheets or Access databases

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– Edited by David Greenfield , editorial director
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