Control Engineering China 10th anniversary ceremony held in Shanghai

Automation and control industry leaders gather to congratulate, review manufacturing trends.

By Andy Zhu December 2, 2013

Control Engineering China (CEC) staff and supporters gathered in the Shanghai Radisson Hotel to celebrate the publication’s 10th anniversary on Nov. 6, 2013. Business leaders from leading automation industry vendors and representatives of international organizations came to congratulate those involved. Jim Langhenry, Control Engineering publisher, CFE Media Group co-founder, and president group publisher, thanked the honored guests for their attendance at the ceremony. He also addressed international automation trends in a keynote speech.

Control Engineering China began China in 2003, expanding prior exposure with Control Engineering’s website and a prior publication, Control Engineering International. CEC has covered innovation in automation and controls, including product awards in all categories of industrial automation. It was the first to do a technical blog; the first to do online video seminars; and the first industrial sector microblog platform.

Control Engineering China and its originating brand, Control Engineering, influence Chinese engineer readers together. Today Control Engineering China, under the framework of the Control Engineering global network, integrates resources, collaborates on coverage, and introduces Chinese developments and practices to the world. [See additional coverage at]

To celebrate Control Engineering China’s 10th anniversary, Control Engineering China and Plant Engineering China released a new manufacturing blue paper for the Chinese manufacturing industry, providing views of the domestic manufacturing industry transformation and upgrades, following current trends and using key technologies as necessary.

Automation and control trends

Langhenry’s speech included a review of the following automation and controls trends that have received more attention in recent months:

  • Machine to Machine (M2M) communications: Islands of disconnected automation are being connected as machines increasingly exchange information with each other, making decisions in closed-loop control. This is done with traditional industrial networks, and increasingly with industrial wireless and industrial Ethernet communications. Standards are important.
  • Industrial Internet: Companies are using the Internet and “cloud” (Internet-based servers and services) to exchange information from manufacturing to the enterprise and across the supply chain to analyze big data, optimize processes, and provide greater visibility to ensure information is getting to the right place, at the right time, to make the best decisions.
  • Internet of Things (IoT): Beyond M2M, each function of the control loop (sense, decide, and actuate) and other devices are connecting to the Internet, exchanging information, and making decisions, with and without human intervention.
  • Mobility: Building on trends mentioned, optimized information is being delivered in context-appropriate ways via industrial and commercial methods, such as smartphones and tablet computers—many enclosed in industrial enclosures and enhanced with mobile industrial applications, as provided in CFE Media’s Apps for Engineers.
  • Cyber security: All of these require additional attention to cyber security.
  • Energy efficiency: Better information flow helps measure and optimize energy use.

Event guests

At the event, honored guests included:

  • Erik Oja, ABB vice president, head of process automation, North Asia and China
  • Ms. Ying Yu, Siemens Ltd., China, general manager industry sector, marketing and communication
  • Charles Qian, Siemens Ltd., China, general manager, industry sector, industry automation division, sensors and communication
  • Bernd Mangler, Siemens Ltd., China, general manager, industry sector, industry automation systems
  • Dr. Andreas Risch, managing director of Turck China
  • Liu Ling Chi, vice president of Turck China
  • Allan Tsay, general manager in China industry automation group of Advantech
  • Michael Wang, general manager of Red Lion Control China
  • Zhu Wei, deputy general manager of Phoenix Contact China
  • Candice Yeo, marketing communications leader, Asia Pacific, Middle East, Russia, Honeywell Process Solutions, automation and control solutions, Honeywell Pte Ltd.
  • Daniel Faia, vice president of global sales, Red Lion Control
  • Tracy L. Courtemanche, director of global marketing, Red Lion Control
  • Holger Zeltwanger, CAN, chairman of CAN International Association
  • John Wang, representative of HART Communication Foundation China office
  • Ms. Wang Xijun, representative of SERCOS Association China office
  • Ms. Weihong Zong, deputy secretary general, China Association for Mechatronics Technology and Application
  • Prof. Li Shaoyuan, president of Shanghai Automation Society
  • David Cao, country manager, ARC Group China
  • Andy Zhu, editor-in-chief, Control Engineering China.

– Andy Zhu is editor-in-chief, Control Engineering China. This appeared in Control Engineering China and was translated for the Control Engineering North American print and digital edition. Edited by Mark T. Hoske, content manager, CFE Media, Control Engineering,