Cube-shaped sunshade for process instrumentation

The CubeShade by Intertec is a process instrumentation sunshade designed to shield equipment from solar radiation as well as corrosion from salt and common petrochemicals.

By Intertec January 16, 2015

The CubeShade by Intertec is a process instrumentation sunshade designed to shield equipment like electronic monitoring systems, explosion-proof junction boxes, or analyzer installations from solar radiation. The CubeShade is constructed from glass fiber reinforced sheet molding compound, which is a combination of chopped glass fibers, fillers, polyester resin, and a catalyst in the form of a ready-to-mold composite. The material is designed to be resistant to UV and corrosion from salt and common petrochemicals. It also has a low thermal conductivity, which helps to prevent heat generated by solar radiation being transferred to the shaded area. CubeShade can also be mounted on a two-inch pipe stand or attached directly to walls or steel structures. It is also available in an electrically-conductive antistatic version.


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