DC motors for hydraulic, energy efficiency applications

Minnesota Electric Technology (MET) offers high current brush dc motors in a 3.6-in. frame size. These high current dc motors are available in 12 V dc and 24 V dc models that use brush materials for operation at higher current levels.

By Minnesota Electric Technology (MET) June 24, 2015

Minnesota Electric Technology (MET) high current brush dc motors are available in a 3.6-in. frame size and come in 12 V dc and 24 V dc models. The 12 V dc model develops 500 W continuous output power at 2000 rpm and the 24 V dc model achieves 750 watts (1.0 hp) continuous output power at 2,400 rpm. These dc motors use brush materials that allow them to operate at higher current levels. They are designed for applications such as hydraulic and water pumps, solar powered motors, ergonomic lifting carts, forklifts, and other applications on plant floors.

Minnesota Electric Technology (MET)


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