Dell to protect customer privacy using Ingrian security platform

Dell has deployed Ingrian DataSecure Platforms to help protect its brand and ensure customer privacy. The enterprisewide encryption initiative was implemented across more than 10 applications in less than six months and significantly simplifies and streamlines the process of encrypting millions of customer credit card transactions on

By Manufacturing Business Technology Staff July 24, 2007

Dell has deployed Ingrian DataSecure Platforms to help protect its brand and ensure customer privacy. The enterprisewidedards of the Payment Card Industry (PCI) and California Senate Bill 1386 (SB1386).

“Dell is one of the most respected brands worldwide, and our customers’ trust is one of our most valuable assets. Protecting that trust is a priority, and we feel data encryption is a key component of maintaining that trust,” said Jeff Chumbley, director of global information security and compliance, Dell. “Along with protecting customer privacy, there were a number of other business drivers that led us to enhance current encryption solutions. We selected Ingrian because it met all of our criteria and we felt it was the best fit for us. DataSecure is a single, comprehensive solution that we were able to successfully install with as little disruption as possible to our applications, and it has the ability to grow with our business.”

Dell selected Ingrian for its multi-platform capabilities, flexible implementation points, ability to encrypt at the application and database layers, and centralized key management and policy capabilities. And, in addition to Dell becoming an Ingrian customer, Ingrian will integrate Dell’s PowerEdge 9G hardware into the next generation of its flagship product, the DataSecure(R) Platform.

“We are pleased to not only count Dell as a customer, but as a partner,” said Michael Howard, CEO of Ingrian Networks. “Dell’s selection of Ingrian’s DataSecure appliance was a huge validation for us that our solutions meet the market’s needs for encryption and can easily scale worldwide. Our supplier relationship was an easy decision for Ingrian to make as we believe the hardware and support will provide us with even more scalable, trusted solutions.”

DataSecure Platforms, and all Ingrian solutions, are based upon Ingrian’s CHOICE architecture, an integrated security architecture that provides customers with the solutions they need today—and the flexibility to adapt to future requirements. The Ingrian CHOICE architecture features network cryptographic services, standards-based cryptography, application programming interfaces (APIs), and tools. With CHOICE, organizations get all the components required to harness encryption and ensure complete data privacy.