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Networking and Security August 8, 2009

Cyber security for industrial assets

When it comes to securing industrial networks, policies from the enterprise (IT) and manufacturing sides can differ. Co-authors Gregory Wilcox and Dan Knight, from Rockwell Automation and Cisco Systems, respectively, give specific advice on "computer hardening" and "controller hardening" so the entire manufacturing enterprise can be protected.

By Manufacturing Business Technology Staff
Energy, Power August 8, 2009

Companies falling short on environmental impact reductions

Report indicates greater awareness of need for green and efficiency initiatives across supply chains, but lack of leadership and standardized sustainability metrics hamper efforts.

By Manufacturing Business Technology Staff
Diagnostics, Asset Management August 8, 2009

Invensys Operations Management selects PAS Integrity Software for project delivery

Integrity software platform assists with documentation creation, configuration changes, and troubleshooting.

By Manufacturing Business Technology Staff
Mobility May 13, 2009

Apprion, Motorola: More industrial wireless networks, mobility

Integrated products from original equipment manufacturer (OEM) agreement will focus on industrial enterprise wireless application networks and industrial enterprise mobility, say Apprion and Motorola.

By Manufacturing Business Technology Staff
PID, APC May 7, 2009

Rapid value: Oracle E-Business Suite 12.1 promises easy-to-install, industry specific solutions

Latest release of the Oracle E-Business Suite is said to provide rapid value solutions, global enterprise platform, and industry-specific capabilities.

By Manufacturing Business Technology Staff
HMI, OI May 6, 2009

Dashboard: Iconics introduces GEO Productivity Portals

Cost-effective software dashboard will help visualize, manage, and alarm, and increase productivity of wind farm operations, Iconics says.

By Manufacturing Business Technology Staff
Diagnostics, Asset Management May 4, 2009

Labor management: Software optimizes staff planning, scheduling in production environments

Labor optimization software meets scheduling needs of production environments.

By Manufacturing Business Technology Staff
DCS, SCADA, Controllers May 4, 2009

Quick start use cases: Reduce variation in work processes for equipment set up, repair, more

QuickStart use cases for Proficy Workflow from GE Fanuc Intelligent Platforms can help users understand the benefits of digitizing and standardizing work processes.

By Manufacturing Business Technology Staff
Process Safety April 30, 2009

MBT Editorial Video: SOA as a Business Process Management Tool

Service-oriented architecture—or SOA—was a concept developed by IT professionals to ease the process of integrating the growing number of disparate applications that were sprouting on corporate networks. But it soon became apparent that a properly structured SOA could have much greater value: serving as a platform for the quick, easy creation of new, innovative business processes. This Webcast will highlight manufacturers are using SOAs to build the agile technical and business infrastructures that are necessary to maintain a competitive edge in a constantly changing business environment.

By Manufacturing Business Technology Staff
Manufacturing IT, MES April 29, 2009

SAP 1Q09: Strong margin, despite revenue decrease

SAP first quarter 2009 shows a strong margin at 13.9%, with 3% less total revenue.

By Manufacturing Business Technology Staff
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