Networking and Security

Networking and Security October 9, 2012

Integrated HMI and PLC reduces development time

Product Exclusive: Wago Perspecto CP TV merges an HMI and a PLC into one package, combining hardware and software for logic and visualization, thereby reducing overall costs and development time, the company said.

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Cybersecurity July 30, 2021

Changing a network security approach

Most organizations rely heavily on security architects to vet products and assemble optimal solutions that align with security, technology, and business requirements, but a different approach is needed in manufacturing facilities.

By MediTechSafe
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Ethernet July 26, 2021

Three types of Profibus device types explained

Profibus devices come in three different classes and each has a specific role they play on the plant floor.

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Wireless July 11, 2021

Increasing speed, reliability of wireless communications

Developing millimeter wave communication technologies could improve the speed, latency and reliability of wireless communications.

By Rachel Hynds
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Other Networks July 31, 2021

Device type manager changes for IIoT applications

With FDT 3.0, device type managers (DTMs) are now OPC UA-ready and offer data through the natively-integrated FDT OPC unified server.

By James Loh Chia Woon
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I/O Systems, I/O Modules December 4, 2020

How IT/OT convergence affects networking

Information technology and operational technology can be together, but needs differ. Industrial visibility, interconnections, scalability, wireless mobility, remote data collection and data analytics are among benefits. See 7 benefits of IT/OT data flow.

By Mark Mullins