Networking and Security
Networking and Security March 28, 2019

Online training course for smart manufacturing

MESA International's on-demand course The Journey to Smart Manufacturing covers the fourth industrial revolution and what it will mean for manufacturers.

By MESA International
Simulation can provide detailed visualization of a line in an existing production facility. Courtesy: Dennis Group
Networking and Security March 28, 2019

Optimize production line design with simulation modeling

Simulation modeling, used properly, can identify and remove risks, maximize value, and help produce successful outcomes. Ask these five questions to ensure the model reflects realistic behavior and constraints.

By Christy Starner
Courtesy: Massacusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
Cybersecurity April 18, 2019

Research team looking to secure blockchain from cyber attacks

A research team from Northern Arizona University is looking to secure blockchain with an architecture that is compatible with cloud-based solutions.

By Gregory Hale
One-cable technology (OCT) can support servomotors of all sizes, from low-wattage options connected to compact drives in an I/O terminal form factor up to large F7-flange motors that require large drives. Courtesy: Beckhoff Automation
Ethernet April 10, 2019

Efficient motion system engineering reduces servomotor costs

Configuration using PC-based control software, EtherCAT networks, integrated drives, and one-cable technology (OCT) simplify motion control system design and reduce servomotor costs.

By Matt Prellwitz
It's an eight-step process for companies to turn data into information, according to Drury. Courtesy: Chris Vavra, CFE Media
Wireless April 11, 2019

Use context with IIoT to provide automation value

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) has a lot of potential, but without context and a clear goal, value for companies will be less. See 8 ways to move from data to information.

By Chris Vavra
Other Networks
A novel technique developed by MIT researchers compresses “objects” in memory for the first time, freeing up more memory used by computers, allowing them to run faster and perform more tasks simultaneously. Courtesy: Christine Daniloff, MIT
Other Networks April 17, 2019

Data-compression technique developed for faster computer programs

A technique developed by MIT researchers frees up more memory used by computers and mobile devices, allowing them to run faster and perform more tasks simultaneously.

By Rob Matheson
I/O Systems, I/O Modules
Control Engineering 2019 Engineers' Choice Awards
I/O Systems, I/O Modules February 22, 2019

Help for automation design, selection, implementation

Automation product design, system integration, and application advice follows from some of the 2019 Engineers’ Choice winners.

By Mark T. Hoske