Digital humidity sensor for tight space constraints

Sensirion's SHTW2 is a wafer-level chip-scale package (WLCSP) humidity sensor that comes in a flip chip package and has an operating temperature measurement range of -30 to 100 C.

By Sensirion June 13, 2016

Sensirion’s SHTW2 is a wafer-level chip-scale package (WLCSP) humidity sensor that comes in a flip chip package and is suitable for applications with tight space constraints. The SHTW2 is based on Sensirion’s CMOSens technology, which offers a complete sensor system on a single chip with a digital I2C interface. The sensor is calibrated and covers a humidity measurement range of 0 to 100% RH and a temperature measurement range of -30 to 100 C, with accuracy of ± 3% RH and ±0.4 C. The operation voltage of 1.8 V and the low power consumption make the SHTW2 perfect for integration in consumer electronics that run on the tightest power budgets, such as mobile phones, wearables, and Internet of Things (IoT) applications. 


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