Digital twin open-source collaboration initiative publicly available

The Digital Twin Consortium (DTC) is encouraging open-source collaboration to drive digital twin innovation for Industry 4.0 initiatives.

By Digital Twin Consortium (DTC) October 28, 2021
Image courtesy: Brett Sayles

Digital Twin Consortium (DTC) announced The Digital Twin Consortium’s open-source collaboration initiative is available to the public on GitHub. An open-source collaboration community will accelerate the adoption of digital twin-enabling technologies and solutions. Consortium members and non-members can collaborate on open-source projects, code, and collateral and become part of the DTC ecosystem.

“Open-source collaboration will encourage innovation in digital twin solutions,” said Dr. Said Tabet, DTC Steering Committee member in a press release. “Our open-source collaboration community will also accelerate the adoption of digital twins and drive business transformation.”

“As a consortium, our collective goal is to progress digital twin technology out of the lab and into the marketplace. Digital twins can be difficult to apply across the entire life cycle, where efficiency is often stifled by data silos and a lack of interoperability. Integration with legacy environments can also be challenging,” said Dan Isaacs, CTO Digital Twin Consortium. “Digital Twin Consortium’s open-source community will speed the cross-industry adoption of digital twin technologies and techniques and drive digital twin technology toward interoperability and market readiness.”

Digital twin open-source repositories include:

  • dtc-glossary – A repository for collaboration on a glossary of digital twins and digital twin technology from the Digital Twin Consortium.
  • EcolCafe-Industrie-4.0 – Project proposes internal ERP, SCADA, and SysML projects to describe, execute, and improve end-to-end manufacturing digitalization.
  • Stellar-Transformer – Repository comprising the first digital twin-component (Mars Induction Explorer) of the larger Stellar-Transformer project, which will provide digital twins of the entire solar system, including earth. It captures the electromagnetic solar induction effect on all planets.
  • UA Nodeset Web Viewer – A tool used in Industrial IoT scenarios to bridge the gap from operational technology (OT) to information technology (IT). OPC UA is the standard interface for vendor-neutral OT interoperability in factories, plants, and renewable energy farms with best-in-class data/information modeling functionality.
  • UnrealRenderStreamingExample – Sample project demonstrating how to set up unreal render streaming within a JavaScript framework. This project is a basic walkthrough to set up the Unreal Pixel streaming within an iFrame rather than a fully fleshed-out project.
  • XMPro-dtdl-data-models – This repository includes DTDL models for wind farms and wind turbines based on the IEC 61400-25 standard. These models can create digital twin instances in Azure Digital Twins directly or through the XMPro No Code application development platform.

– Edited from a Digital Twin Consortium press release by CFE Media.

Author Bio: Digital Twin Consortium (DTC)