EC: 31i-Model B CNC

Machine and embedded control - CNCs and board-level products: FANUC's 31i-Model B CNC for high-performance machines and five-axis machines is reliable, efficient, innovative, and user friendly. This is a Control Engineering 2012 Engineer’s Choice honorable mention.

November 18, 2011

FANUC’s 31i-Model B CNC offers the following features:

  1. State-of-the-art Hardware: Ultra-high-speed processors provide fast interpolation times with up to 1000-block look-ahead, up to 4 paths and 20 axes, and up to 5 axes simultaneously.
  2. Nanometer precision: Unique system-wide nanometer resolution precision provides a superior surface finish quality, minimizing the need for secondary operations.
  3. High-speed Machining provides quality and reduced cycle times.
  4. Accuracy Compensation Functions: Mechanical wear, environmental conditions, or the sheer size of the machine may be corrected with compensation technology. These include: smooth backlash compensation, bidirectional and interpolated pitch error compensation, inclination and straightness compensations, thermal growth compensation, and 3D volumetric compensation.
  5. Reduced cycle time: Advanced software functions reduce cycle time while enhancing part accuracy and extending machine life. These include: bell-shaped acc/dec, Al contour control, nano smoothing, faster positioning, jerk control, and HRV.
  6. User-friendly operation and programming: Operational and programming consistency are critical to maximize the productivity of new equipment. Existing part programs will run smoothly with little or no modification. Machine setup is simplified.
  7. Reliability: FANUC’s continuous improvement culture ensures its CNCs’ reliability. Statistically, a hardware fault occurs only once every 15 years of productive service, and FANUC has a 25-year part availability guarantee. Other features include: crash protection, prevention of operation errors, ease of maintenance, alarm and operation history, built-in backup, and automatic servo and spindle tuning.
  8. Connecting manufacturing to business securely and reliably through standard high-speed Ethernet interface for file transfer (through FTP) and data collection (through FOCAS). Additionally, 8 MB of nonvolatile internal memory for part program storage is provided. A USB port is also conveniently located at the operator display to provide practically unlimited storage for part programs, tool data, and parameters.

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