EC: Altivar Process 630 variable speed drive

Motion Control - Drives, servo drives: The Altivar Process is the first line of variable speed drives on the market with embedded intelligent services, designed to improve both process and energy efficiency, while enhancing overall system performance. This is a Control Engineering 2016 Engineers’ Choice finalist.

October 15, 2015

Altivar Process is the first line of variable speed drives on the market with embedded intelligent services.

Designed to support customers across industries, Altivar Process drives enable business and process optimization through improved life-cycle asset management and optimized energy consumption. This new drive is aimed at improving overall process performance and enabling full information and operational technology convergence. This is accomplished through the use of embedded process knowledge, configurable on-board dashboards and graphical HMI display—all designed to deliver information specifically oriented to the customer’s application.

New, intuitive built-in functions simplify set-up and provide customer understanding. Operators can access technical documentation, support, and diagnostic information directly on their mobile devices, speeding up troubleshooting and maintenance, while reducing downtime and its related costs. This is accomplished through the drive’s ability to dynamically generate QR codes—an industry first—to help solve issues immediately by directing operators to specific technical information on their drive. The drive also provides QR codes for instant access to comprehensive support information and can assist in contacting a Schneider Electric customer care center when needed.

The embedded pump intelligence within Altivar Process offers:

  • Custom information, including configurable dashboards, a graphical keypad and multiple pump languages
  • Embedded Ethernet and web server, featuring local or remote access, Achilles level 2 security and access across devices using HTML 5
  • Energy management through motor power measurement, energy dashboards, and the export of energy data
  • Process monitoring with operational data feedback, comparisons to expected values and predictive maintenance.

With a compact and modular design, the Altivar Process benefits customers who are seeking to upgrade, retrofit or design new installations. The drive is also suitable for harsh environments and can be configured for outdoor use to withstand severe conditions of use, both electrical and environmental.

Schneider Electric,