EC: Altivar Process 900 VSD

Motion Control — Drives, motor control centers: The Altivar Process 900 variable speed drive optimizes production and energy efficiency with intelligent guidance for energy-intensive, industrial applications. This is a Control Engineering 2017 Engineers’ Choice Awards Winner.

October 13, 2016

The Altivar Process 900 variable speed drive (VSD) is a solution for energy-intensive applications in the Oil & Gas and Mining, Minerals & Metals sectors. Built to leverage the benefits of the Industrial Internet of Things, it helps customers realize process performance improvement, energy optimization and asset management.

Altivar Process drives are unique in that they provide advanced operational intelligence to plant operations and process professionals, while offering embedded guidance for operations and maintenance personnel. These standard features help to optimize business performance by reducing commissioning time and significantly improving production uptime.

The embedded intelligence of the Altivar Process 900 allows customers to make informed decisions on everything from single-drive projects to complex multi-drive applications including products with advanced load-sharing functions. This device offers technical experts to review output information and provide advice to operators. Operators can also scan QR codes shown on the drive and connect directly to troubleshooting information if the need arises. Petroleum engineers or mining engineers are able to connect to an industrial network and deliver process information to a user’s fingertips. This optimizes the industrial process, whether it be a conveyor belt in a mine, pump for an oil well or process crane in steelworks.

In addition, Altivar Process is designed to stringent reliability and sustainability standards to ensure long operating life and industry leading energy optimization during production lowering operating costs. In the Mining, Minerals and Metals sector the Altivar 900 range is suited for conveyors, stacker/reclaimers and process cranes, enhancing motor control for improved energy efficiency and uptime. For Oil & Gas applications the new Altivar 900 is well suited for artificial lift applications for onshore oil production as well as drilling rig and oil refinery applications. It improves production efficiency through better application control and data connectivity.

Schneider Electric,