EC: Assembly Management System (AMS) 4

Software - Applications: Leidos' assembly management system (AMS) enforces standardized manufacturing build-processes and integrates station-level, error-proofing actions to increase productivity, improve quality, and reduce costs. This is a Control Engineering 2016 Engineers’ Choice finalist.

October 15, 2015

Complete production control solution
Leidos’ assembly management system (AMS) creates a bridge between business systems and plant floor operations, allowing business systems to effectively communicate requirements to plant operations. This seamless connection enables users to control, manage, and streamline production operations.

Combined real-time and historical data management
Unlike a traditional manufacturing execution system, Leidos’ AMS provides true real-time control and integration that can increase productivity. Quality is enhanced by using in-station process enforcement, defect resolution, and detailed build instructions. AMS helps recognize, communicate, and escalate issues to reduce downtime, reducing costs.

Proven, global expertise
Our AMS is installed in production-critical facilities all over the world. Leidos supports clients in real time across many time zones. Features include:

  • Scheduling and unit tracking in real time
    Unit tracking permits the AMS to direct production in real time based on business requirements, production plans, assembly procedures, and operating conditions. Leidos’ AMS captures traceability information throughout the assembly process.
  • Quality enforcement
    Virtually every event relating to systems and components connected to Leidos’ AMS is verified and recorded, enabling the AMS to present critical historical information on a manufacturing dashboard. Clients can quickly diagnose assembly defects, perform assembly line balancing, evaluate assembly system and operator performance, and generate quality and compliance reports.
  • Standardization with flexibility
    Our standardized approach enables the AMS core engine to remain the same regardless of the client or assembly process. The configurability of the system makes it easily adaptable to each facility’s operational processes and unit flow specifics. The AMS is designed with an open architecture that allows the system to integrate with various components and vendors.
  • Instant data visualization, traceability, and andon issue escalation
    Leidos’ dashboard diagnostics provide instant access to real-time information offering our clients a window into current production statuses and allowing key decisions to be made instantaneously.