EC: CSI 6500 ATG stand-alone machinery protection

Safety — Machine safety: The CSI 6500 ATG is a stand-alone protection system that introduces prediction to user’s assets. ATG View lets users see data from anywhere on their plant network. This is a Control Engineering 2017 Engineers’ Choice Awards Finalist.

October 13, 2016

Traditional protection systems come with a number of limitations. They lack the prediction data necessary for advanced warning of developing problems. They require an OPC server to tie back to the digital control system. They require a trip to the control room or opening a cabinet in the field to get a view of the data.

Emerson’s CSI 6500 ATG is a stand-alone machinery protection solution that also allows users to cost-effectively introduce prediction monitoring of critical assets from the same system. Predictive intelligence is the key to increasing availability and improving the reliability of plant assets. With four re-configurable cards the CSI 6500 ATG can acquire all the required TSI measurements, including prediction data measurements.

The system comes with ATG View, a mobile application that receives data from the CSI 6500 ATG via Ethernet and/or wireless router. Authorized users can then see the protection status and health data on a PC or device of their choice anywhere on the plant’s Wi-Fi network. Devices supported include Apple iOS and Android phones and tablets. With ATG View, the reliability professional can see the overall health of his system, the status of alarms, external inputs such as bypasses, and outputs such as trips and whether they are active or not.

To facilitate easy system integration with third party systems, CSI 6500 ATG is the first protection system to include a secure embedded OPC UA server. The CSI 6500 ATG system complies with the traditional API 670 certification and is certified for installation in demanding environments where Class 1 Div2/ATEX Zone 2 approvals are required.