EC: Data Dashboard for LabVIEW

Software - Mobile apps for controls, automation, instrumentation: The Data Dashboard for LabVIEW and Data Dashboard Mobile for LabVIEW iOS and Android apps enable engineers to visualize measurement data and accelerate productivity using their smartphones and tablet devices. This is a Control Engineering 2013 Engineers' Choice finalist.

By Control Engineering November 12, 2012

The growing prevalence of smartphones and tablets offers engineers a way to remotely measure, monitor and control systems and provides a new platform for portable measurements. To help engineers better integrate the latest mobile technologies with their applications, National Instruments developed the Data Dashboard for LabVIEW and Data Dashboard Mobile for LabVIEW applications to visualize measurement data on their smartphones and tablets. By combining the portability, ease of use, faster start-up time and longer battery life of mobile devices with the power of LabVIEW software, engineers can more productively access measurement data from data acquisition and embedded monitoring systems while on the go.

Furthermore, engineers can monitor data for trends, view historical data over periods of time, instantly receive notifications based on measurements, or remotely control an application or test sequence.  Using the Data Dashboard for LabVIEW application, engineers can create a custom, portable view of NI LabVIEW software applications on their tablets. Users can also create custom layouts of one, two, four, or six indicators and quickly swipe between multiple layouts. Data Dashboard for LabVIEW displays the values of network-published shared variables and/or Web services on charts, gauges, text indicators, and LEDs, and also provides the capability to connect to networked-published shared variables or Web service data without Web or app programming.

National Instruments