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Software - Applications: Dream Report is the world-first programming-free user-friendly powerful reporting, dedicated for industrial automation, which allows users accessing various automation data sources, generating batch or time-based reports and publish/e-distribute them to a This is a Control Engineering 2014 Engineers’ Choice finalist.

October 17, 2013

Dream Report is a complete, on premise and web-enabled data integration and reporting solution specifically designed for industrial automation. The product has a unique design and architecture, which contains a broad array of built-in functionality, required by both horizontal and vertical markets. Dream Report has become the leading technology and is quickly becoming the market leader in sales.

Being built on modern technologies, Dream Report enables easy connectivity to automation systems through over 60 interface drivers to both open and proprietary protocols. Dream Report collects and archives real-time information and accesses open or proprietary archives and databases, generating professional reports on schedule, on event or manually, then publishing and e-distributing those reports. The solution delivers Web-based reports management over the internet and intranet, enabling users to access generated reports, generate new reports and build web-based interactive dynamic dashboards in minutes. An intuitive and easy user interface allows fast project development and maintenance with low engineering costs. Development is accomplished without a single line of code.

Having built-in user management, either project based or integrated with Windows user management, and having the unique report version control functionality, Dream Report is uniquely suited for pharmaceutical and biotech applications and is fully compliant with FDA CFR21 Part11 requirements. With its ability to support standardized report templates, Dream Report is an ideal solution for companies like system integrators, that deliver a suite of reports for clients in vertical and regulated markets such as water and wastewater, power generation and building automation.

Advanced manual data management is market leading functionality which allows users to easily build web-based manual data entry forms supporting user selected timestamps.

Dream Report delivers a special web portal, built for mobile devices enabling all web functionality on any mobile device.

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