EC: FactoryTalk VantagePoint 6.0 enterprise manufacturing intelligence software

Software - Diagnostics: FactoryTalk VantagePoint 6.0 EMI software improves operators' access to key data from any digital device, providing the relevant manufacturing information that helps to make informed decisions. This is a Control Engineering 2016 Engineers’ Choice Awards Winner.

October 15, 2015

The FactoryTalk VantagePoint 6.0 enterprise manufacturing intelligence software from Rockwell Automation provides operators the ability to access performance metrics and data analytics on any digital device. Using data from the plant floors and machines, this ability to seamlessly move between devices allows operators to be more responsive to issues that arise and reduce the time to solution.

The inclusion of the VantagePoint mobile component in version 6.0 is what enables users to create displays and interact with data across any HTML5-compliant browser and mobile platform, such as iOS and Android. Using this component, operators can log in to the VantagePoint system and automatically view Web-based KPI content that is responsive to the device they are using—from smartphones to tablets to PCs. Network administrators or IT staff are not required to create user-specific configurations, enabling manufacturers to quickly on-board more users and increase productivity.

The VantagePoint 6.0 software also includes a compose feature, allowing operators to browse through data and easily customize content based on their role, priorities and viewing preferences. The software includes drag-and-drop interactive tools so operators can create personalized displays to quickly find the information that is most important to them. A capability to add favorites is also included, allowing users to configure KPI data in the visual formats they prefer, from bar graphs to gauges to plant maps. Data can then be saved or shared with a group.

With the VantagePoint 6.0 software, Rockwell Automation has focused on eliminating the friction of transitioning between devices, realizing productivity value and ensuring operators have fewer barriers to their work flow. These new capabilities help operators identify and respond to issues as they arise.

Rockwell Automation,