EC: FieldPoP Device Cloud and the IIoT Gateway

Software — Industrial Internet of Things connectivity: Securely register a fleet of deployed IIoT gateways to FieldPoP to remotely access local applications; manage devices, user credentials, and notifications; and integrate third-party visualization and analytics cloud platforms. This is a Control Engineering 2017 Engineers’ Choice Awards Finalist.

October 13, 2016

The FieldPoP device cloud is an Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) cloud solution that works with the FieldServer family of IIoT protocol gateways to help users cost-effectively manage their deployed assets and take service and support capabilities to the next level. Through FieldPoP, OEMs and their customers can securely access and remotely monitor an entire fleet of registered gateways and routers from any location to ensure all assets are working properly. However, OEMs are not the only ones that can enjoy access to our FieldPoP device cloud. System integrators have secure remote access into the FS-GUI, the resident diagnostics tool on all FieldServer gateways, and data available in the cloud.

OEMs and integrators can set up different user accounts, securely manage user credentials, and provide the right security permissions and device assignments on FieldPoP. When a FieldServer IIoT gateway is registered in the field, the gateway will automatically appear in the FieldPoP interface. Users are then able to remotely fire up the local applications that run on the FieldServer gateways’ Application Engine in a secure manner to perform device configurations and diagnostics and provide instantaneous support for a customer.

FieldPoP also serves as a device data middleware layer that lets third-party cloud platforms use field product data in business and analytics applications. FieldPoP is architected to plug into and synchronize with popular cloud platforms like Salesforce, and also with cost-effective storage targets like Dropbox. As a result, OEMs and their customers can gain new insights that lead to improvements in product quality, innovations in products and services, and identification of new revenue opportunities.

OEMs and their customers can set up FieldServer IIoT gateways through the local web applications and FieldPoP to collect and stream the right data points at the right frequency from the field to third-party cloud platforms, future-proofing their enterprise information architecture.

Sierra Monitor Corp.,