EC: GOT Mobile wireless connection for graphical operator terminals

Hardware — HMI, operator interface, thin-client: GOT Mobile provides webserver functionality useful for production monitoring. Web browsers on devices like tablets, phones and computers access the production information from Mitsubishi Electric's GT25 and GT27 Series GOTs. This is a Control Engineering 2017 Engineers’ Choice Awards Finalist.

October 13, 2016

GOT Mobile enables remote access to Mitsubishi Electric GOT GT27 and GT25 graphical operator terminals. This empowers users to view data in real time using mobile devices. Unlike traditional VNC remote solutions, GT Mobile enables remote users to view different content than is displayed on the operator interface at the machine. Likewise, switching screens on a GT Mobile enabled device does not impact what the operator is viewing at the machine.

The functionality is added to the graphical operator terminal by installing an optional license. Implementing a GOT Mobile solution is easy. Specific GOT Mobile screens are designed using Mitsubishi Electric’s GT Works3 software. These screens are created for the type of device it will be viewed from which enables scaling of content to be optimal for the specific device.

Accessing a GOT Mobile enabled GOT is simple. All GT25 and GT27 GOTs support hardwire Ethernet connections. If an existing wireless infrastructure is in place, GOT Mobile devices can connect to it and access the GOT device remotely. If a wireless infrastructure is not available, simply add a GT25-WLAN wireless LAN adapter to the GOT and the GOT can serve as a wireless access point. This configurable feature performs as a wireless access point or a wireless adapter.

Five simultaneous clients can be connected to a GOT through GOT Mobile enabling multiple users to view different content. Gesture movements like pinching and zooming are supported to help improve data analysis which increases productivity and reduces downtime. Additionally, a hyperlink function can link to an object on a mobile screen to access websites, folders in GOT public folders, and even enables the user to make phone calls.

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