EC: Heavy Duty Safety Switches

Power - Energy, power protection: The ABB heavy duty safety switches are used as a disconnecting means for service entrances or motors, and can be used on power supplies up to 600 V, in applications where the available fault current is 200 kA or less. This is a Control Engineering 2014 Engineers’ Choice award winner.

October 17, 2013

ABB’s next generation heavy duty safety switches use the same globally rated bodies as ABB’s market leading rotary-style switches, providing increased performance, reliability and safety in a larger, more robust switch. ABB’s heavy-duty safety switches also are the first in the industry to offer larger and more durable enclosures and handles, providing a spacious interior for easier wiring and optional accessories.

The switches range from 30 to 1,200 A, and are available as fused and non-fused, with Types 1/12/3R/4X steel or stainless steel enclosures. Rated 600 V and 200 kA, the switches meet UL98, CSA and NEMA KS-1 standards for the most demanding service-entrance and motor-load applications.

The new ABB heavy-duty safety switches are also easy to maintain in the field. Plastic viewing windows protect double-breaking switch blades that do not require field lubrication. The switch body,fuse-holders, handle and enclosure door also are easily and quickly replaceable.

Additional features of the new line include:

  • Standard gaskets: included on all NEMA Types; combined with rounded edges, this means no sharp edges for a safer installation
  • Dual color handles: highly visible red marking clearly indicates when switch is ON
  • Auxiliary contacts: mountable inside switch mechanism; same as those used with ABB rotary style switches, for reduced inventory
  • Optional viewing window: factory installed in enclosure door to safely see status of switch inside without opening door.
  • Fuse adapter kits: field adjustable to accommodate class R, L, J or T fuses.

The ABB safety switch is suitable for heavy-duty commercial and industrial applications, such as heating, air conditioning and ventilation, as well as food and beverage processing, water and wastewater treatment, commercial construction, material handling, marine, petrochemical processing, and mining.

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