EC: Honeywell Premium Platform for Experion Virtualization

Software - Applications: Honeywell Premium Platform for Experion Virtualization, utilizing blade server technology, enhances manufacturing by providing increased protection from hardware failures and increased operations availability and reducing the total cost of ownership of control systems. This is a Control Engineering 2014 Engineers’ Choice finalist.

October 17, 2013

Honeywell Premium Platform for Experion Virtualization Solutions is the industry’s first turnkey blade solution optimized for virtualization and the needs of the process control industry to increase operations availability and reduce total cost of ownership of control systems—helping organizations save millions of dollars annually.

While process controls typically require separate servers to support different applications, virtualization allows a single server to simultaneously run multiple operating systems and applications, insulating the systems from hardware changes, improving overall server utilization, simplifying maintenance and reducing costs. Premium Platform builds on this, and utilizes blade server technology, which delivers advanced virtualization capabilities, including automatic host recovery and upgrades with zero operational disruption. In addition, the platform has a longer lifecycle, reduced facility footprint and remote management capabilities in a package that is pre-configured, saving deployment time. It reduces setup time by 90% while generating 40% more energy savings with 22% more density than alternative virtualized server platforms.

Benefits include:

  • Protection from failure and downtime: Provides automatic host recovery and transparent system maintenance. Repairs take minutes, and hardware and virtualization software maintenance and upgrades have zero impact to process operations.
  • Extended lifecycle: Extends computer hardware lifecycle over traditional server hardware, simplifying and reducing hardware needs, and increasing reliability and availability.
  • Remote management: Each physical node removed from the system is matched by a corresponding reduction in space, power, cooling and maintenance costs.
  • Compact footprint: Provides processing, storage and network in one extremely compact form factor that can be remotely monitored. This reduces the physical footprint and provides unmatched space, power, cooling and weight efficiency.
  • Faster commissioning: Comes preconfigured and integrated, simplifying installation and maintenance.
  • Easy project design: Offers templates for virtualized design and change capabilities during project planning. 

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