EC: Honeywell Uniformance Suite, process analytics software

Software — Data analytics, diagnostics: Honeywell Uniformance Suite is a new, fully integrated system of process software solutions built on a common platform that turns plant data into actionable information, enabling smart operations. This is a Control Engineering 2017 Engineers’ Choice Awards Finalist.

October 13, 2016

Honeywell’s Uniformance Suite is a new, fully-integrated Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) analytics platform that provides real-time digital intelligence through advanced process and event data collection, asset-centric analytics and powerful visualization technology. With Uniformance Suite as the backbone of an IIoT ecosystem, industrial organizations can achieve smart operations by maintaining safe production with higher uptime, while minimizing operating costs, reducing risks, and ensuring regulatory compliance.

Many companies are still struggling to understand how the IIoT relates to their individual business, and how they can take the next step toward realizing its true value. Uniformance Suite was developed to meet these uncertainties head on and address the changing needs of information management in industrial settings. All capabilities are organized in an asset-based system and accessible in a secure manner anytime, anywhere, which allows information to be easily visualized and explored for effective engineering analysis. Events are predicted and detected based on underlying patterns and correlations, while process intelligence is used for better business decision-making.

Integrated into the Uniformance Suite are: Uniformance PHD, Uniformance KPI, Uniformance Asset Sentinel and Uniformance Insight. Uniformance PHD captures and stores real-time process and event data across an enterprise, while Uniformance KPI defines, tracks, analyzes and improves KPIs for performance management. Additionally, Uniformance Asset Sentinel continuously monitors the health and process performance of equipment in the plant, while Uniformance Insight provides the visualization of process conditions and the investigation of collected events. Together, these solutions help companies turn plant data into actionable information in order to minimize downtime and maximize profits.

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