EC: Honeywell UniSim Competency Suite

Software - Process applications: UniSim Competency Suite is a comprehensive training solution for the process industries that develops plant operator competency through a structured curriculum of exercises and interventions that improve skills, knowledge and behavior. This is a Control Engineering 2016 Engineers’ Choice finalist.

October 15, 2015

UniSim Competency Suite offers industrial plants an integrated, holistic approach to training operators more efficiently in a safe and engaging environment, which helps accelerate the time it takes to get new operators up to speed and addresses growing skills shortages.

Stricter regulations and increased complexities make safely managing industrial assets for improved production and efficiency more important than ever. Ensuring the next generation of operators has the abilities to perform critical jobs in a skilled and knowledgeable manner is essential to the business continuity, and UniSim Competency Suite provides an overall solution for industrial facilities through a range of unique integrated features, including:

  • Honeywell’s best-in-class operator training simulator (OTS), which consolidates industry experience into a concise process training curriculum
  • A customizable competency model that improves critical skills and behaviors through structured operator progress tracking
  • A knowledge repository tool to store industry expertise and experience, and teach diagnostic abilities
  • A realistic, panoramic view for field operator training that leverages actual facility photographs.

In addition, Honeywell offers an interface to third party virtual reality simulations for example (SNC-Lavalin’s FieldOp3D), which when combined with the Honeywell simulation platform, allows trainees to navigate a 3D replica of their plant and practice tasks essential to their job. Standard and emergency procedures can also be validated and optimized. This new, immersive environment expands the UniSim operator competency offering beyond the control room into the field.

As veteran operators continue to retire, UniSim Competency Suite is helping to train the workforce of the future to drive safe and efficient operations, enabling companies to ensure plant reliability and maximize overall performance.

Honeywell Process Solutions,