EC: IndraDrive Mi Cabinet-Free Technology servo drive with power supply

Motion Control — Servo drives: The IndraDrive Mi cabinet-free technology is a mains module and power supply with IP65 protection. Thus, putting the power supply unit out of the cabinet and on the machine. This is a Control Engineering 2017 Engineers’ Choice Awards Finalist.

October 13, 2016

The uniqueness of the IndraDrive Mi cabinet-free technology is that the power supply is now on the machine, a feature that pleasantly surprises customers.

It is truly a new concept in machine design. To have the ability to take out of the cabinet, the drive, the power supply, and all the cabling associated, reducing up to 90% of cabling, is what really benefits the customer.

The IndraDrive Mi offers the following multi-Ethernet protocols: Sercos, Profinet IO, EtherNet/IP, EtherCAT, and Powerlink allowing the user to connect to essentially any control.

Safety is priority with the IndraDrive Mi. Certified safety technology and extremely short response times are proof of what modern safety technology can do to protect man, machine, and work pieces, as all motions are monitored right from where they start, in the drive. The Safe Torque Off and Safe Motion functions can also be implemented with safety protocols such as CIP Safety on Sercos (CSoS), Safety over EtherCAT (FSoE), and PROFIsafe on Profinet, depending on the application.

The IndraDrive Mi cabinet-free power supply is a regenerative power supply, returning excess energy to the power grid, therefore reducing energy consumption. In Smart Energy Mode it prevents peak loads and greatly reduces average energy consumption. The result of this is better grid compatibility, and the same machine performance with smaller components to reduce cost.

With Rexroth’s IndraDrive cabinet-free technology, we have completed our IndraDrive Motor Integrated drive technology to truly be a cabinet-free system. There is practically no need for a cabinet when it comes to power supply and drives. The benefits ramified from this are lower total cost of ownership, smaller footprint with the same performance, less weight, time saving installation, and energy efficiency.

Bosch Rexroth Corp.,