EC: KepServerEx communication server

Software – Applications: KepServerEx v5.7 is an industry proven communication server that manages critical automation, facility, and infrastructure data by connecting disparate devices and applications to plant control systems and enterprise information systems. This is a Control Engineering 2012 Engineers’ Choice award winner.

November 18, 2011

KepServerEx is a flexible and scalable solution for connecting, managing, monitoring, and controlling diverse automation devices and software applications. Communications are managed through a robust platform that supports an array of open standards, propriety communication protocols, APIs, and automation systems’ interfaces. KepServerEx improves operations and decision-making throughout all levels of an organization. With recent enhancements, KepServerEx now provides a complete communications platform with a critical mass of driver support, client connectivity, and communications management. KepServerEx is designed around four key pillars required in a communications platform: proven interoperability, centralized communications, on-demand scalability, and industrial strength.

  • Proven interoperability: KepServerEx exchanges data and information between disparate automation and information systems. Information is interpreted and translated through KepServerEx’s extensive library of communication protocols and interfaces, allowing information to flow seamlessly. Automation and information systems can work together now and into the future through KepServerEx’s ever-growing and up-to-date communications portfolio.
  • Centralized communications: KepServerEx provides the ability to consolidate data and information from various sources. This not only ensures consistency and reliability, but also reduces the number of third-party communication servers from which the end application must gather data. Furthermore, having one source gather data for client applications reduces network traffic, device and system resource usage, and data inconsistencies—and provides a manageable and scalable platform for automation communications.
  • On-demand scalability: KepServerEx is designed to accommodate an organization’s evolving communications demands, and can do so without interrupting established communications. Its on-demand modular design presents automation control systems with new and improved functionality for enhanced communications.
  • Industrial strength: KepServerEx is designed to meet the highest standard of quality as determined by independent agencies, industrial automation users, and internal stake holders. Through extensive testing and certification, Kepware Technologies can ensure product quality.

Kepware Technologies

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