EC: KPIWorX 10.9

Software - Mobile apps for controls, automation, instrumentation: Iconics KPIWorX is a new app that allows for the creation, saving and loading of self-service dashboards that leverage responsive design technology to run on any tablet or smartphone. This is a Control Engineering 2016 Engineers’ Choice Awards Winner.

October 15, 2015

Throughout an enterprise, timely and informed decisions based on critical KPI data need to be made during every shift by operations, quality and engineering personnel. KPIWorX allows the right people to make informed decisions by providing them with a real-time actionable information, monitoring and intuitive visualization for all KPIs within the organization. From a plant view all the way down to an individual piece of equipment, Iconics KPIWorX is configurable and scalable to suit any manufacturing or industrial automation application.

With KPIWorX, users can drag and drop new data, configure widgets and split screens to add new widgets utilizing several preconfigured gauges, process points, trends, alarms and grids. A library of intuitive drag and drop smart symbols makes display creation seamless and efficient.

Split-screen compatibility allows for the use of multiple widgets and docked settings with a navigator. KPIWorX displays automatically adjust for various data sources as well as smaller fonts, smaller margins and keyboard handling. KPIWorX will be especially useful for on-the-spot display creation for visualizing data as it is needed. KPIWorX displays can also be transferred to desktop mode for sharing.

These unique single-user-defined dashboards aim to remove uncertainty in the collation and analysis of KPI data by capturing key information from multiple data sources and normalizing it into a real-time visual overview of KPIs versus targets via a "live scoreboard" solution.

KPIWorX is not about replacing any existing software or systems. It provides intuitive visual displays that provide users with a real-time rear view mirror of how a KPI is performing, enabling relevant personnel to influence metrics in real time, leading to greater control and productivity. The software is also a key enabler in empowering operations staff to adopt and develop a culture of continuous improvement and act on the real-time data now available at their fingertips.