EC: MatrikonOPC UA Proxy

Software - Applications: MatrikonOPC UA Proxy provides a bridge between classic OPC infrastructures and the growing number of next-generation OPC UA-based products, enabling users to meet the accelerating demand for device interconnectivity and data sharing. This is a Control Engineering 2016 Engineers’ Choice finalist.

October 15, 2015

MatrikonOPC UA Proxy enables software applications based on OPC Classic connectivity to seamlessly communicate with next generation OPC UA-based products. With a simplified user interface, improved workflow and enhanced performance, the new Matrikon OPC UA Proxy is an easy, convenient way for users to ensure the utilization of UA-enabled devices and applications in existing OPC Classic infrastructures.

MatrikonOPC UA Proxy provides the easiest all-around user experience when it comes to searching for, selecting and connecting to UA servers. Simple, streamlined setup allows users to securely connect in minutes without disrupting the existing OPC Classic architecture.

Growing demand for products that easily interconnect and share data in meaningful and effective ways is accelerating the emergence of the IIoT, and users need to be able to efficiently integrate their networked devices in a secure manner. The key to realizing these benefits is a common communication standard that securely connects the plant floor and the enterprise, enabling companies to extract meaning from and automatically act on data processed through the cloud. OPC UA provides automation systems with open standard connectivity regardless of the operating system, device or company division, all the way down to embedded devices, and OPC UA Proxy makes this possible for OPC Classic architectures.