EC: Platinum series temperature, process controllers

Process Control Systems: The Platinum series PID process and temperature controllers are extremely powerful and versatile with unparalleled flexibility for process measurement. This is a Control Engineering 2016 Engineers’ Choice finalist.

October 15, 2015

As a general purpose temperature/process loop controller, the Platinum product addresses the needs of the well established process control industry.

Existing industrial use includes a wide range of temperature and process control in applications as diverse as metal refining/smelting, chemical process control, heat exchangers, temperature cycling, refinery, food processing, environmental control and pharmaceuticals. The higher performance in accuracy, loop control timing, and configuration capability, together with the additional auxiliary analog input, opens up applications that have traditionally required high end controllers for industries including semiconductor processing, scientific laboratory, medical monitoring, test calibration equipment and cascaded control systems. The flexible ramp and soak programming, with the ability to trigger external events based on the ramp or soak state, the option to guarantee ramp, soak or overall cycle time and the ability to chain multiple profiles together, allows the Platinum to address a wide range of complex batching and temperature cycling applications as found in the plastics, dry goods processing, packaging, annealing, metal processing and manufacturing industries.

The communications structure, coupled with the auxiliary analog and digital input/output capabilities and extensive ramp and soak sequencing, have positioned the Platinum to address process control needs currently implemented using PLC’s coupled with internal PLC control blocks and customized control firmware. Adhering to the industry standard Modbus protocol, providing full access to the internal data base of the platinum controller, and utilizing industry standard fi le formats for configuration data transferred through the USB thumb drive, allows the Platinum to be quickly integrated into educational and scientific lab applications.

Omega Engineering,