EC: Power Xpert Insight Software

Software - Diagnostics: Power and energy monitoring platform provides dashboard view into real-time energy usage, efficiency and power quality—while new capacity management features enable users to forecast, model capacity requirements to proactively predict electrical system performance. This is a Control Engineering 2016 Engineers’ Choice finalist.

October 15, 2015

With an intuitive user interface, Eaton’s Power Xpert Insight software provides a dashboard view into real-time energy usage, efficiency and power quality for facility, energy, and information technology managers in industrial environments.

The robust power and energy monitoring platform allows customers to centrally or remotely view real-time energy usage and demand data down to the device level, view, compare and trend data, and create one-line representations of electrical systems.

The newest version of the software builds on these capabilities with new capacity management functions planning tools, such as color-coded graphs, user-defined thresholds for cautionary, critical load levels and trend graphed simulation capabilities.

The update allows users to perform simulations of electrical load increases, set capacity thresholds and model potential system impacts to help reduce the risk of unplanned downtime and provide adequate system protection prior to the addition of new electrical equipment.

During periods of peak loading, or when installing new equipment, it is vital to ensure adequate electrical capacity to avoid unplanned power interruptions. By providing the ability to simulate load additions, the new capacity management and simulation features can help commercial and industrial customers proactively forecast peak capacity requirements to predict system performance more efficiently and reliably.

A Modbus protocol adapter is engineered into the software to simplify the integration of backup power devices from a variety of manufacturers that communicate on open protocols. Providing a more unified view into building status, the protocol adapter can also ease integration of backup power system data into comprehensive building management systems.

Further, the Web-based energy management software is paired with installation and deployment support. Providing a step-by-step guide, the software helps users configure alarm, firewall and communication settings at the touch of a button to reduce the risk of error during system installation and commissioning.