EC: Radioline wireless platform

Network Integration — Wireless Products: Phoenix Contact's Radioline wireless platform offers wire replacement for simple I/O and serial communication, without the use of software. This is a Control Engineering 2015 Engineers’ Choice honorable mention.

By Control Engineering October 20, 2014

The new Radioline wireless platform from Phoenix Contact offers wire replacement for simple I/O and serial communication. With software-free setup, this technology provides a cost-effective wireless solution where it is too costly or not possible to run a wire. Software-free configuration allows installation times to be drastically reduced and expansion of networks to be easier than ever. Without the need for software, Radioline can be configured in a cable replacement application with up to 99 modules in one network. With just the turn of a wheel, a wireless system can be programmed and running in a matter of minutes.

Time, money and material costs can be saved with Radioline by eliminating long cable runs from your PLC-to-field instruments. With flexible, expandable, hot swappable I/O options, this platform allows you to send up to 128 analog signals, 256 digital signals or a combination of both over challenging terrains. With solutions for short distances and applications that span thousands of feet or multiple miles, Radioline can help save you time and money while also opening up opportunities that a wire cannot.

The new Radioline platform offers three modes of operation: I/O-to-I/O, I/O-to-Modbus, and serial-to-serial-in one single part number. This flexibility allows the user to cover multiple application needs without worrying about selecting the correct product. Couple this flexibility with a secure 128 bit AES encrypted signal, and Radioline is a solution for various situations where running a wire may not be possible.

Phoenix Contact,