EC: Rosemount 3051SFC Compact Annubar Flowmeter

Process Control - Flowmeters: The Rosemount 3051SFC compact Annubar flowmeter is the industry's first averaging pitot tube that installs like a traditional orifice plate. This is a Control Engineering 2014 Engineers’ Choice award winner.

By Control Engineering October 17, 2013

The Rosemount 3051SFC compact annubar flowmeter is the industry’s first averaging pitot tube that installs like a traditional orifice plate. The new primary element combines the innovative technology of the Annubar averaging pitot tube and the wafer of the user-friendly 405 platform. Time and money is saved with a fully-integrated flowmeter solution that eliminates impulse piping and additional pipe penetrations.

The compact Annubar flowmeter can easily be installed between existing raised-face flanges while an integral centering ring ensures optimal accuracy. This type of installation allows for the standardization of flow measurement installation practices throughout a plant. Energy costs like pumping, compression, and fuel costs are lowered through minimal permanent pressure loss via the small profile of the Annubar sensor shape in the pipe.

The Annubar T-Shape’s design brings many benefits to the easy-to-install flowmeter. Frontal slots on the front side of the T-shape measure 70% more of the flow profile. In addition to the slots, the flat upstream surface of the T-shape provides a fixed separation point, improving the performance over a wider flow range. Measurement noise is greatly reduced by the stagnation zones that form on the back side of the T-shaped sensor. The T-Shape is also equipped with an integral thermowell which saves time and cost by eliminating the additional pipe penetration normally needed to calculate mass flow.

The Rosemount compact Annubar flowmeter is a dynamic DP Flow product that merges the advantages of two patented Rosemount technologies: the Annubar averaging pitot tube and the 405 Compact Design:

  • Easy installation between existing raised face flanges
  • A self-centering ring ensures optimal accuracy while improving installation
  • Energy savings through minimal permanent pressure loss
  • Real-time mass and energy flow measurements available with integral temperature.

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