EC: Safety Lifecycle Manager (SLM) v2, safety instrumented system lifecycle management software

Safety — Process safety, intrinsic safety: SLM v2 is a cloud-based enterprise software platform that reduces the burden of SIS compliance requirements by consolidating process safety information, functional safety tools and reports into a customizable platform. This is a Control Engineering 2017 Engineers’ Choice Awards Finalist.

October 13, 2016

SLM v2 is the next evolution in our SIS Safety Lifecycle Management software line. Teams deploying Mangan software across the globe have compiled feedback, new feature requests and enhancement ideas from our user base, and enabled us to deliver the fastest, most flexible and easiest to use version on the market. With over 100 new features and enhancements, improvements under the hood and a stunning new interface, SLM v2 delivers more than ever to help users accelerate functional safety practices.

Mangan abides by four fundamental guiding principles: Ease of use, visualization, interoperability, and flexibility. The result is a system that is 9 times faster and is as easy to use as it is on the eye. Data links across our modules keeps the information evergreen and accelerates decision making. The dynamic reporting system allows users to sort and build reports, dashboard, and KPIs on the fly, all of which, with the click of a button are downloadable in the format they prefer.

SLM v2 has features that save time and money for everyone involved and affected by functional safety. For managers, SLMv2 allows them to instantly visualize the metrics that matter. For maintenance and reliability teams, our streamlined Operate/Maintain module makes it faster and easier to execute/implement robust asset integrity programs. The new HAZOP study interface accelerates PHA studies and eliminates the reporting burden for PSM teams with formatted HAZOP study reports. SIS engineers can build functional safety plans, execute SIL calculations and generate reliability block diagrams. Operations can view HAZOP data to conduct risk assessments for bypass procedures. For the international client base, a new translate feature has over 53 languages to render views. With over 300 features, SLMv2 provides an easier, smarter way to overcome the most pervasive safety challenges.

Mangan Software Solutions,