EC: Safety Manager Field Device Unit (quadruple redundant safety system and remote I/O)

Safety – Process safety, intrinsic safety: The Field Device Unit from Honeywell Process Solutions is a single, space-friendly safety unit that allows process manufacturers to more easily implement small, stand-alone applications in their facilities while reducing costs to comply with safety standards. This is a Control Engineering 2012 Engineers’ Choice finalist.

November 18, 2011

The newest addition to Honeywell’s line of safety instrumented system (SIS) technology, Safety Manager Field Device Unit (FDU) has two revolutionary features:

  1. It reduces the cost to comply with increasingly stringent safety standards more than any other system of its kind.
  2. Its remote I/O capabilities are a major advantage for plants that need to quickly and cost-effectively accommodate stand-alone safety applications, which will become a hallmark of safety compliance in both greenfield projects and brownfield migrations.

Safety Manager FDU combines Honeywell’s widely used Safety Manager SIS platform and Remote Universal Safe I/O (RUSIO) into one space-friendly system that meets Safety Integrity Level-3 (SIL-3) standards out of the box. The module’s small size makes it ideal for quickly implementing integrated safety measures for applications such as burner or boiler management systems. This is important because scrutiny on safety regulatory compliance is more intense than ever, and more manufacturers are heavily weighing safety system upgrades and replacements. Even well-planned upgrades and migrations, though, have complications. Through RUSIO, Safety Manager FDU better enables plants to handle those complications by reducing field wiring requirements, as well as the number of junction boxes and marshaling cabinets needed. It also simplifies project execution through standard cabinets and I/O modules, which eliminates the hassle of finding the right mix of analog and digital inputs and outputs. This allows plants to accommodate late project changes by being able to accept any instrument signal type. In addition, the FDU reduces installation costs because it requires fewer engineering hours at initial implementation and remains cost-effective throughout its lifecycle. While other offerings only provide flexible I/O options for plant DCS, Safety Manager FDU stands to make a greater impact because safety represents the majority of I/O on most upstream oil and gas projects.

Honeywell Process Solutions

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