EC: Sirius 3RB24 electronic overload relay for IO-Link

Power – Energy, power protection: The Sirius 3RB24 from Siemens is designed to reduce machine downtimes and optimize planning of maintenance measures, while providing the added confidence of diagnostic measures like ground fault tripping, overload, and thermistor protection tripping in a higher level control. This is a Control Engineering 2012 Engineers’ Choice finalist.

November 18, 2011

Contactors connected to the Sirius 3RB24 from Siemens provide integrated motor protection and superior communication advantages, including readout of motor current and diagnostics. Rotary switches allow for easy setting of the device’s motor current and the required trip class. A consortium made up of the leading suppliers of automation products has come together to support the new concept in all areas of sensors, actuators, and control technology. IO-Link represents an open, standardized, and manufacturer-independent system for the uniform connection of sensors and switching devices to the control level. A direct customer benefit is the product’s simple configuration for a communication capable product. Most power controls are more complicated to set up. When compared to typical fieldbus overload relays, the 3RB24 is much simpler to configure while providing full control and diagnostic capability. The 3RB24 is part of a comprehensive line of cabinet-based control products including motor control and monitoring relays that have IO-link communication capability.


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