EC: UC-8481 Multiple-WAN Mobile Computing Platform

Hardware - Industrial PCs: The UC-8481 is an exceptionally flexible mobile computing platform capable of fusing Ethernet and serial-based terrestrial communication equipment with multiple wireless communication technologies like GPS, HSPA+ Cellular, 802.11 Wi-Fi, and specialized mPCIe radio cards. This is a Control Engineering 2013 Engineers' Choice finalist.

By Control Engineering November 12, 2012

Moxa’s UC-8481 is a mobile ARM RISC computing platform designed for customized mobile routing, data logging/acquisition, control, and communication applications. Originally designed for the strict environmental standards of the rail industry, the UC-8481’s hardware complies with EN 50155, EN 50121, IEC 61373, and other industrial standards. This translates to some of the most rugged shock, vibration, and operating temperatures available for a communication platform. 

The UC-8481 is bundled with an open software suite and is shipped with Linux 2.6.38 out of the box. Essential software packages such as BusyBox, IPTables, TelNet, SSH, Bash, and FTP are preloaded so developers can be up and running as fast as possible. Advanced developers can compile and install other open source packages as well as their own applications using the bundled GCC Compiler Tool-chain. The UC-8481 also features pre-compiled application packages with source code examples that are easily customized and built upon. For example, with Moxa’s MIRF (Mobile Information Routing Framework) application bundle, the UC-8481 becomes a robust smart router that can leverage geography data, pricing information, and network availability to choose the best communication backhaul for bringing critical field information back to a remote network server.

Standard features include a 50-channel GPS module capable of L1 and WAAS correction, a cellular card supporting HSPA+, UMTS, GSM, GPRS, and Edge, an 802.11n Wi-Fi module, and two Ethernet interfaces for connecting to a LAN and/or a satellite system. 

In addition, internal reservations can support up to 2 more mPCIe Cellular modules with SIM cards as well as a second Wi-Fi card. With its unique combination of mobile connectivity features, rugged hardware design, and easy-to-use software tools, the UC-8481 is an ideal solution for developers of customized mobile computing and communication platforms. 

Moxa Inc.