EC: UniLogic 1.14.33

Software - HMI software: UniLogic is a programming software for Unitronics' UniStream PLCs, enabling the user to set up their Ladder, design HMI screens, and configure communications in a single software environment. This is a Control Engineering 2016 Engineers’ Choice finalist.

October 15, 2015

Unitronics is constantly improving our software to give users the best possible experience and the latest developments in the industry. UniLogic is available to all users and can be downloaded free of charge from the Unitronics website.

UniStream recently introduced ODVA certified EtherNet/IP support; UniStream can function simultaneously as both EtherNet/IP I/O Scanner and Adapter, exchanging I/O data via its two Ethernet ports with other EtherNet/IP compliant devices. UniLogic now supports this development without any additional ports or patches.

Machine builders can also now display streaming video via an Ethernet networked camera using the RTSP Real Time Streaming Protocol, enabling users to easily integrate a network camera and display its video stream output on the elegant UniStream HMI panel.

The addition of SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) enhances UniStream’s broad communication capabilities. UniStream can function as an SNMP Agent and communicate with an SNMP server. In addition, the Ladder Toolbox function SNMP Trap Send, enables UniStream to send SNMP Trap messages to an SNMP server. UniStream supports SNMP Versions 1, 2, and 3.

Unitronics also recently integrated a new alarm management system, designed in accordance with the ISA 18.2 standard guidelines for the implementation, operation, and management of alarm systems in the process industries. User-friendly UniLogic allows programmers to create a variety of efficient alarms, and to tailor the HMI components of the Alarms system to suit the exact requirements of different automation systems and applications. An optional Advanced Configuration section enables programmers to optimize Alarm announcements. A binary Alarm log file is used by the alarm management system for logging all alarms data as well as operator control actions.

All of these UniLogic features empower automation engineers and machine builders to develop safer and more efficient applications.

Unitronics Inc.,